Thursday, December 6, 2007

morning at Stratos Rezzable

Good morning dinos! This sim is just fun in Windlight!
A great display of Madcow's builds.

In talking with Pathfinder Linden yesterday ,
mention was made of one of the newest Lindens, Cogsworth Linden.
On seeing his avatar (and being totally distracted by it), I just knew
he would need to meet our own Madcow Cosmos!
Sure enough, they hit it off. Kriss Lehmann and I watch the meetup.

Kriss Lehmann wears one of Madcow's newest dragon avatars in this last picture, while Cogsworth shows one of his.

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Kriss Lehmann, said...

hehehh Dueling Avatars! It was not only a lot of fun to just be there, but it was also a fantastic show of some of the creativity that exists in Second Life.